Digital Child Mental Health 2018


May 23rd, London



We are delighted to introduce the first Digital Child Mental Health (DCMH) conference hosted by the Anna Freud Centre and Innovation Training Network TEAM in London, UK. The goal of the conference is to share the latest research about technologies for the mental health of children and to allow all participants to meet new people and strengthen their network. Finally, we hope that the conference will contribute to a strong community of researchers to ultimately improve child mental health.

We invite researchers from all levels and any related field to participate. The conference will cover technologies to aid assessment, prevention and treatment of child mental health difficulties and additionally we cover policies related to mental health technology. All researchers are encouraged to share and present their work, please read our call for participation.

The date of the conference is Wednesday 23 May, 2018 and it will take place at University College London. The conference is free to attend and lunch and snacks will be provided.

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